The Pink Camo Debate


From birth, and even before birth, colors have differentiated the male and female genders.  Baby boy showers are expected to be riddled with the color blue and a baby girl’s with the color pink.  As we enter our adolescent stages of life, the color assigned to us transcends into the clothing we wear, the paint choice for our bedroom walls, the decorations on our birthday cakes and even to the polish we put on our finger nails.  When we grow older, this color either becomes a preference to some or an irritation to others.  So, how do we generally feel about this new pink camo craze for female hunters? Continue reading

Anti-Hunters: Facts VS. Fiction

Anti Hunter

As a free-thinking individual, I have always believed in the importance to remain open-minded in all situations and to fully understand both sides of an argument – whether or not you personally choose to agree with the opposing side. Every person who forms an opinion has the right to freely speak their mind unless it becomes threatening to that of another person. Unfortunately, in the hunting industry, we see too much threat and hatred towards a sport that is highly misunderstood and sometimes willingly misunderstood.

Anti-Hunters, a title often heard within the hunting community (or “Animal Activists” as they prefer to be known as), have tried penetrating our inseparable brotherhood (or sisterhood! …siblinghood? Siblinghood.) time and time again. You mainly see them at public events and randomly popping up on social media platforms – some forcing their opinions on others and even resorting to name-calling in a desperate attempt to create a sort of chaos that can only result in their benefit. No matter how frustrating, these people do have a right to their opinions just as we have a right to ours. Let’s explore the minds of the anti-hunters as we attempt to see past all of the hostility and try viewing their arguments objectively. Continue reading

5 Reasons You Will Not Kill A Turkey This Spring


Most of us have been confined in our own homes, waiting for Winter to finally end. Binging on our favorite movies and TV shows have become a normal routine. We dread rising out of our warm beds, placing our feet on a freezing cold floor, transitioning to the chilled air as we head to work in the morning.  Finally, all of that has come to an end.  For some of us, the itch starts early.  Turkey season is just within our grasp but, we are thinking about it – wondering how the turkeys fared over the Winter months, wondering if you still have access to your prime hunting grounds.  For others, that excitement comes later as the temperatures rise and the sound of songbirds permeate through your still shuttered windows.

Any serious turkey hunter knows what I am talking about. The countless gear checks, hours of practicing with our calls and images of longbeards consume our thoughts, our money and our time. Yet, every year I speak to hunters who come home with a pocket full of tags and no bird to show for their efforts. If you are a successful whitetail hunter, you will understand that part of that success requires you to do your homework;  Scouting and understanding your quarry are just as important for turkey hunting success as they are for whitetails. Here are five of the most common mistakes that result in hunters coming home empty-handed: Continue reading

5 Scientific Reasons Women Hunters are Kick-Ass


The hunting industry has been dominated by the male gender since, well… forever – and even yet still!  Slowly, women have found more of an interest in the world of hunting and have been making waves in the past decade.  Businesses that once supplied men-only outdoor amenities are now stocking pink camo and clothing tailored to fit the female physique.  More and more people are now recognizing hunting as being beneficial and not just a simple, ego-driven blood sport.  It’s actually fun!  And incredibly fulfilling.  So, how are these women hunters different than their male counterparts?  Let’s find out. Continue reading

The Beginning of Something Great – My Hunting Story

I’m currently a 27 year old female living in upstate New York.  I’d like to once again declare that I live in upstate New York – the city is about 4 hours South of my area.  I am surrounded by views of scenic mountains, rolling hills and colorful trees so picturesque that the sight would rob your lungs of air and heart of a beat.  Too many people, including my younger self, believe New York to be swallowed by the city – not understanding the true beauty the state really has to offer.  Now, if the politics were as pure, I’d certainly live in a paradise.  But, it’s my home now, and you have to take the bad with the good. Continue reading

Guest Blogger Julie McQueen – When Hunters Attack Hunters

We are honored to announce that our Adirondack Bowhunters blog will be hosting a very special guest this week – the beautiful and talented Julie McQueen.  Julie is the co-host of “Brotherhood Outdoors” on the Sportsman Channel (airing now on Sundays) along with her husband, Daniel Lee Martin. Her entry is a second take on the “The Fake Female Hunter VS The Real Female Hunter” blog post. While we both respect each other’s opinion, we would love this opportunity to see how YOU feel about the topic.

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Heather Ballek
Adirondack Bowhunters Staff-Writer



DL and Julie Turkey mini Continue reading

The Real Female Hunter VS The Fake Female Hunter


You see it all the time – photos of half-dressed women posing with a fully drawn compound bow, rifle or shotgun on any given social media platform. Sometimes the season is fitting, but other times there is snow on the ground and all you can think is – How are you not freezing?! They are normally the ones who have 5 separate accounts because all of their friend limits are capped.  Now, this could easily go in the direction of bashing these sort of women, but I’m going to give this article a twist. I am not a hateful person, nor do I intend to sound like one. After all, don’t the half-dressed already get enough attention? Lets support the real meat takers of the hunting world. Continue reading