“Craziest Hunting Moments” with Dan Thurston of Drury Outdoors


Dan Thurston is a cast member on the Drury Outdoors show “BOW MADNESS” and is producing his own featured segment “6 @ 60”.  Keep your eyes tuned in on the Outdoor Channel for more!


I was in Wyoming when the craziest thing happened. My good buddy Randy Bryant, who had since passed away, and I were set up in a hay bail blind that was literally made from small square hay bails. We caught sight of a mule deer who filtered into the field. She must have taken a liking to our set-up because before we knew it she was in front of us chomping on the hay we were hiding in.

Suddenly from behind, we noticed another mule deer emerge from the wood line. Uh-oh. Always seems that when too many deer get in one area, they start fighting over territory. We were set up like a fart in a square. Before we knew it, we found ourselves in the middle of a brawl. Steadily going at it, they stood on their rear legs and began dueling it out with one another.

The first deer that appeared in the field decided she had enough and needed to get to the other side of the hay blind to get her fair share, so she leaped into the blind with us. You can probably imagine what happened next! I’m not sure who was scared more when she lit in the middle of us.

Fortunately, all I got out of the mix was a broken bowstring and my hat knocked off, but my partner didn’t get away as easily. She stomped poor Randy’s toe on impact then make like a leather leaf right out of our hay bail blind. Immediately following the excitement we had just witnessed, they were gone.

That was an experience I will never forget.

ABC’s of the NEW Remington Scent Control Technology

“The ability to hide from your game is essential and should be taken seriously! At Remington, we believe camouflaging human scent is equally as important as camouflaging the human body.”


Our new Rem Shield System line of innovative products takes Scent Control to a whole new level. History proves Remington is first in innovation and doesn’t follow the crowd, so let’s take a look at the differences and see why the New Rem Shield System is your best choice.

There are a variety of causes of human odors such as bacteria, hygiene, the environment, our hormones, our diet and much more. Deer and other prey have the unique ability to detect human presence by their odor from long distances. Deer especially have the ability to process several different odors at once! One weapon is simply not enough to camouflage these odors, so we designed the Rem Shield System with an entire “tool-belt” of weapons to get the job done.
There are 3 Components that apply the weapons we have:
Step A: Laundry Care Application
Step B: Hair and Body Application
Step C: Scent Control Spray Application
It’s important to note: The weapons used in our formulations to combat odor are 100% compatible with each other so it is imperative to approach your scent control with the entire Rem Shield System.



Step A: Laundry Care Application:


BREM0241_32oz_LaundryRemington SCT Laundry Detergent for Hunters is the first step in the RemShield System. This advanced, highly concentrated formulation contains 152 different naturally occurring enzymes (not synthetic) specifically designed to remove blood, grease, grime and other stains encountered in tough hunting conditions but gentle on your favorite camouflage patterns!

  • Biodegradable
  • Scent-Free
  • Phosphate-Free
  • HE Compatible
  • Enzyme fortified for grass & blood stains
  • No UV or Optical Brighteners





Step B: Hair & Body Application:


BREM0230_16oz_HairBodyWashRemington Scent Control Technology Hair and Body Wash for Hunters was specifically designed for both genders and all hair types of hunters while recognizing the need to be clean and scent free. This high quality formula will not damage her color treated hair but is powerful enough to clean his arm pits! Removes odor and odor causing molecules from skin, hair and nails.




Step C: Scent Control Spray Application:


BREM0212_24oz_SCSThe Rem Shield Molecule in the Remington Scent Control Spray bonds to porous and non-porous materials creating a nano-coating which rips the outer membrane of the odor compounds attempting to attach to the fiber or surface. This is a physical action from which the source of the odor can never recover. While other sprays rely on centuries old technology, the Remington Scent Control Spray is based on new, cutting edge nanotechnology.

Another feature of the Rem Shield Molecule is it prevents clothes and materials from souring. Have you ever been caught in the rain or snow and forget to dry your gear, or unpacked a moldy ground blind from last season? Remington Scent Control Spray completely protects the fibers from ALL odor causing compounds!




12250059_839633492801556_4900694347184578350_nAn independent study (published in October of 2014) took 95 samples where an average of over 230,000 compounds per sample were present
and treated the samples with the component in Rem Shield. They tested again 4 weeks after treatment and found an average of 43 compounds! A reduction of 99.98% after 4 12239716_838396319591940_551047930528516089_nweeks with one treatment. We’re not suggesting you treat only once per season because real life in the field is a bit different than a lab. However, the test proves the Rem Shield System will absolutely eliminate up to 99% of odor producing compounds and create a long-lasting bond that will continue warding off odor ever after the first application.


Since there are hundreds of other causes of foreign 12246912_838500606248178_5226186662648999474_nodors, we didn’t stop there. Remington Scent Control Spray contains engineered biological enzymes to eliminate odors caused by smoke, petroleum, pet odors and other air born particles completing the “Double Barrel” Level of Protection against human odors!

If applied properly, you are protected all day with only one application!



Is There A Scent Control That Actually Works?


We see scent control products everywhere; especially lining the shelves of our favorite sporting goods stores. Some of us find ourselves reaching for the cheapest (or the most advertised) scent control bottle without knowing what’s truly involved behind each various technology.  We do know that we can never eliminate 100% of our scent 100% of the time. That poses the next question: How close can you possibly get to being 100% scent-free? Lo and behold, there is a company claiming to have the newest in scent control technology that is able to eliminate up to an outstanding 99% of all odors. Skeptical about the effectiveness of scent control out in the field? Don’t lose hope yet – this may deserve a good once over. 

Remington presents the RemShield System as their newest line of defense in scent control products. For 2015, the system contains a laundry detergent, hair & body wash and scent-free/acorn scent control spray that complement one another in the scent elimination process. (More products to come in 2016) The real technology that sets this product apart from all others is found in the two sprays – also known as nanotechnology. 



The RemShield molecules used in the system microscopically appear similar to a 3 legged bar stool with a spike on top. By nature, these molecules have a positive charge while the compounds that cause odors have a negative charge. The RemShield molecules attract the compounds towards the spike, causing them to burst before odor is formed.

The fascinating truth about RemShield is not just its ability to completely eliminate scent-causing compounds. The RemShield molecule also forms a natural long-lasting bond to any fabric or material that it comes in contact with – porous or nonporous. Therefore, even after the first application of RemShield Technology, the source of odor is continuously being eliminated before it has a chance to reproduce.


 So, how did they come across this new, cutting edge technology?

“The technology was originally developed for mold, mildew fungus, disease and infection control.” Product developer and company COO, Tommy Lancaster recalls,  “We were able to patent formulations that were much more effective and environmentally responsible for use in healthcare and institutional environments. Being avid hunters and understanding the causes of human odor, we formulated a solution using this cutting edge technology to control human odor at the source. This mechanism is far superior to other methods that either poisons bacteria (and the environment) or attempt to absorb human odors after it forms. In addition to the nanotechnology, we included bio-based ingredients to neutralize other malodors we encounter before entering the field. Scents and odors caused by food, exhausts, pets, smoke, etc. are converted into odorless salts, completing Remington’s mission of comprehensive scent control.”

Eliminates the source of human odor!

Proven 99% effective in eliminating all odor-producing compounds!

Effective against odors long term with one application!

More effective and safe than silver and heavy metals that leach to your body and poison the environment!    


It’s important to note that even though Remington Scent Control may have a superior product on the market, their core values are still deeply rooted. Remington Scent Control’s mission is to optimize the hunting experience for their loyal consumers by providing you with a scent control technology that you can truly believe in.


Buy Remington’s RemShield System here on Amazon

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