Interview with Tammi Gregory Arnold from Dressed to Kill TV


Mother of two and owner of Dressed to Kill TV, Tammi Gregory Arnold has been in the hunting industry for 25+ years.

In our recent interview with industry professional Tammi Gregory Arnold, we explore details of her early childhood, learn how she personally discovered her passion for hunting and find out why she envisioned an all-female hunting show called Dressed to Kill TV.  She divulges her strategy on selecting her pro-staff and gives words of advice for anyone seeking to make the sport of hunting a lifestyle of their own.

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Guest Blogger Melissa Bachman – How Hunting & Your Health Go Hand-In-Hand

We are honored to announce that Adirondack Bowhunters will be hosting a very special guest this week – the exceptionally talented female hunter, Melissa Bachman.  Melissa spends nearly 200 days a year in the field, hunting the globe and producing Winchester Deadly Passion, a top-notch, adrenaline-pumping hunting show now in its fourth season. Winchester Deadly Passion can be found on Sunday mornings on The Sportsman Channel at 11:30am ET.  Melissa’s following entry, similar to Adirondack Bowhunters Pro-Staff Christi Stone’s article, The Ultimate Predator, is yet another prime example of her passion for hunting. Melissa shares her views on the importance of health and fitness in relation to the sport of hunting and the great outdoors.

If you are looking to reach your own personal health goals, be sure to head on over to Adirondack Bowhunters – Healthy Hunters and say hello to Christi! She’ll be more than happy to assist you with any of your questions.


Heather Ballek
Adirondack Bowhunters



Getting IN Shape

As bowhunters, we are constantly preparing for upcoming seasons and trying to ensure that our gear is in tip top shape. Gear is important, absolutely. However, many hunters forget the physical preparation that can often times go hand in hand with successful hunts. Sure, there are plenty of hunts that can be done with little to no physical requirements, but many of the western hunts can be significantly improved if you’re in good physical condition.
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5 Ways To Get More From Your Trail Cameras

When trail cameras first become popular, I found myself placing them wherever I thought I could get the best pictures. I didn’t put a lot of thought into it other than wanting make sure I was placing them in a high traffic area. Every week was like Christmas.  I would pull my camera and rush to the nearest pharmacy to get my roll of film developed so I could see what I had captured. Trail cams have changed since then and so have the ways that I use them. Here are 5 ways I have learned to get more from your trail cameras: Continue reading

5 Awesome Reasons You Should Try Hunting

For many people, interest in the outdoors begins at a young age.  Their love for the sport of hunting was likely ignited after that first kill, or by the memories they shared bonding with the people they love.  For others, hunting was encouraged by a spouse or other loved ones. But, what is hunting to the individuals whom were never raised with the outdoors? Why should you try this sport if it was never a prominent part of your childhood?  Let’s find out. Continue reading

Trophy Bucks: A Matter Of Perspective


My eyes strained as I fought the uncontrollable shaking in my legs and arms. The sight pin of my old Jennings Buckmaster danced up and down on the body of the young six point buck as I listened to my own heartbeat pounding in my ears. Suddenly as if a switch went off, everything came together, the pin settled, the shaking disappeared and my finger squeezed the release. Not long after I would be standing over the most memorable deer I have ever taken, my first deer. Continue reading

The Pink Camo Debate


From birth, and even before birth, colors have differentiated the male and female genders.  Baby boy showers are expected to be riddled with the color blue and a baby girl’s with the color pink.  As we enter our adolescent stages of life, the color assigned to us transcends into the clothing we wear, the paint choice for our bedroom walls, the decorations on our birthday cakes and even to the polish we put on our finger nails.  When we grow older, this color either becomes a preference to some or an irritation to others.  So, how do we generally feel about this new pink camo craze for female hunters? Continue reading

Anti-Hunters: Facts VS. Fiction

Anti Hunter

As a free-thinking individual, I have always believed in the importance to remain open-minded in all situations and to fully understand both sides of an argument – whether or not you personally choose to agree with the opposing side. Every person who forms an opinion has the right to freely speak their mind unless it becomes threatening to that of another person. Unfortunately, in the hunting industry, we see too much threat and hatred towards a sport that is highly misunderstood and sometimes willingly misunderstood.

Anti-Hunters, a title often heard within the hunting community (or “Animal Activists” as they prefer to be known as), have tried penetrating our inseparable brotherhood (or sisterhood! …siblinghood? Siblinghood.) time and time again. You mainly see them at public events and randomly popping up on social media platforms – some forcing their opinions on others and even resorting to name-calling in a desperate attempt to create a sort of chaos that can only result in their benefit. No matter how frustrating, these people do have a right to their opinions just as we have a right to ours. Let’s explore the minds of the anti-hunters as we attempt to see past all of the hostility and try viewing their arguments objectively. Continue reading